Professional Window Cleaning

It takes more than just a squeegee, a bucket and some rags to be a professional window cleaner. It’s takes an eye for detail, a passion for excellence, and knowledge of glass and various window types.

Having clean windows is more than just a luxury it's a standard property maintenance practice that keeps your home clean and valuable and makes your feel better.  We can restore that pride of ownership feeling when you pull in the driveway and see your exterior windows sparkling clean.  We can't be held responsible for any jealousy incurred by your neighbors as a result though. 🙂

The most common practice is to clean the exterior windows twice a year but we can set you up on any schedule you would like.  We have been doing professional window cleaning for over 14 years and we have the skill and passion to deliver sparkling clean windows to most any home


Pure Water Window Cleaning

We were the first company in Western Kentucky to use "water-fed poles" for cleaning residential and commercial windows utilizing our first system as far back as 2008.

This constantly developing technology allows us clean high exterior windows safely from the ground without the use of ladders in most cases. The pure water cleaning system consists of a water filtration system, a modular carbon fiber extension pole and a specialized brush to clean the glass.

We hook our 3 stage water filtration system directly to your home water source to remove all minerals and contaminants thus turning your tap water into spot free window cleaning rinse water. The purified water is then pumped up through the pole to a specialized brush made for cleaning glass. The brush features a 260mm bristle span for deep cleaning the surface and longer bristles on the outside edge give it a good splay for cleaning the corners of the window. The inner bristles are natural boars hair giving it good scrubbing power to remove bird droppings, insect smears and other hard to get debris off the glass.

After scrubbing the window glass and frames we give each window a final spot-free rinse and the glass is left to air dry to a high shine in a few minutes.


Selling Your Home?

Ginger Brokaw, a senior vice president at Town Residential real estate in Manhattan says “Getting your home as clean as possible is absolutely something of the greatest importance. It really does pay off. I’ve seen the response of people walking into a home that hasn’t been cleaned, staged or prepared for showings, and one that has. The difference is night and day.”  According to Ginger, “First on your list should be washing the windows.” (excerpted from The New York Times  JULY 25, 2012)  Read More

According to the financial planning site Learnvest,  a typical $375 investment in window cleaning will usually yield a return on investment of $1,550 in the sale price.


Pure Water Window Cleaning
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