Gutter Cleaning


Gutter Cleaning is an important part of maintaining the value of your home.  Clogged gutter troughs can cause rain water to run over the side of the gutter and onto the ground below which will soften the ground around the foundation of your home causing the foundation sink and crack. In other cases the spilling over rain water can run into the house ruining ceilings and causing damage to the interior of the house.  Clogged gutters also cause rainwater to stand in the gutters after a rain which can result in rotting of the fascia and the breeding of mosquitoes.

Our service includes clearing all the debris from the gutters and bagging it for removal from the premises. We check all the downspouts to make sure they are flowing freely and if they aren't we take steps to unclog them. If the gutters are particularly dirty with mucky residue we flush them out with clean water and rinse off the outsides as well.

We cap all that off with a free gutter inspection report that will notify you of any gutter problems such as a blocked underground gutter drain, loose hangers, or damaged gutters that don't slope properly to drain. Then we offer you our 30 day no-clog guarantee.

If a gutter clogs up and you see water running over within 30 days of your gutter cleaning service, we'll come un-clog it free of charge, no questions asked.


After we clean your gutters we give you a 30 Day NO-Clog Guarantee!   

If you want the ultimate in protection sign up for our recurring gutter maintenance program. We come out 3 times a year on scheduled visits and clean out debris and check to make sure everything is working as it should. On this program all service calls in between visits are free of charge.

Damage caused by clogged gutters
Damage caused by clogged gutters

Gutter Cleaning General Pricing 

The following represents some general pricing outlines.

Your job may be more or less depending on specific factors.


We charge $1 dollar per linear foot of guttering for lower level or first floor gutters.


We charge $2 dollars per linear foot of guttering for second story or gutters above 16 ft off the ground.



Single story homes with open gutters in the front and back generally run in the $150 - $200 dollar range.

medium home


Slightly larger single story homes with hip roof designs and open gutters all the way around range from $250 -$350 



Two story homes with several peaks and dormers which have open gutters generally run from $350 - $500

Large House

XL - Extra Large

Larger estate style homes with complicated access challenges which may require a lift or difficult rope access generally range from $500 -$,1000

Mesh Screens

Gutters With Leaf Guards

Many people are disappointed when they find out that leaf guards do not prevent clogged gutters but instead they only extend the time between cleanings. If your gutters have leaf guards installed add $1 per linear foot for removal and re-installation.